handsToday is Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for so much…not the least of which is the fact that I am in my dream job and getting to be and do my best every day to help make the world a better place. As I have reflected on the past six months in this new job, my thoughts consistently turn toward Hope and Joy. I have gotten to know our staff and girls better, and I have heard their stories of resilience and restoration. I have seen that My Refuge House is in the business of Hope and Joy. What has been most surprising, and what I am most thankful for today, is the depth and breadth of Joy.

Brené Brown (please watch her TED talk if you haven’t) talks about how we cannot selectively numb…meaning we cannot numb pain with out also numbing Joy. I’m working on the idea that Hope is the place where the fullness of pain is able to meet the fullness of Joy; that Hope is a place of complexity where we can hold the pain at the same time that we manifest Joy.

I am inspired because I see our girls and staff doing this.

I imagine that this reflective journey will continue as I continue navigating my role and building relationships with our girls and staff. Whether through your thoughts and prayer or through conversation, I invite you to join me as I discover the depth and breadth of Hope and Joy.

In addition to this reflective journey, there are other ways to join and support the journey of My Refuge House over the next month.


  • Read earlier blog entries or scan old Facebook posts to see all of the amazing accomplishments of our girls.
  • We have so much for which we are grateful over the past year of growth and development.
  • Hold us in your thoughts and prayers of Thanksgiving.



  • Instead of giving traditional gifts this season, give the gift of Restoring One Life At A Time by making a donation in the names of your loved ones;
  • Buy traditional gifts online through Amazon Smile, a program through Amazon that donates a portion of proceeds to My Refuge House;
  • (Coming soon!) Buy a coffee subscription for high end SOLID coffee with our own My Refuge House label, designed by Chicago artist Julia Kuo.



  • Join the Global Celebration of Generosity.
  • Text MRH to 41444 or click here to give to My Refuge House.



  • Join our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram communities to follow the Joy that is being sparked at My Refuge House
  • Share the stories that inspire you so that the spark continues to grow.

Truly, with Thanksgiving and Peace, Heather