The plight of women and girls in this world should astound us, should grieve us & should push us out of our lives of silence.

On Sunday my husband delivered a message on women. My internal response was, “YES!”

He spoke of Christ’s love that turns this world upside down. A love that does radical things. A Love that treats the denigrated gender as dignified image bearers. A Love that turns the marginalized gender into missionary disciples. Christ empowers women to set this world ablaze with their undeniable uniqueness and world changing gifts.

As I listened my mind immediately went to this quote by Dorothy Sayers. 



This upside down world that Christ inaugurated is the reason why we do, what we do, at My Refuge House.

When our Program Director, Rose Ann or our Social worker Megs look at our girls they don’t see individuals that are lacking. They see the beautiful work of our God. A God who has created them in his image. They see young women who can and will set this world on fire with great uniqueness and world changing gifts.

Our program at My Refuge House speaks to the issues that are plaguing the girls and women of this world. We support them educationally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally as they stand on their own again.

I think Hope communicates this idea so beautifully.

The work of My Refuge House is changing lives and those lives will change this world. When girls and women know who they are and have been empowered, this world will be set ablaze with a peace that passes all understanding.

Please know that when you support the work of My Refuge House you are no longer silent to issues that are plaguing girls and women. We thank you for standing with us and we thank you for helping us change this world.