Within each of us there lies a story. Our story defines who we are and what we have become. Our stories carry pain and comfort, tears and laughter, sorrow and happiness, sacrifices and victory.

The girls in our home have been wronged and taken advantage of in their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Each of them has a unique story as a survivor of childhood abuse and exploitation. They were taught to hide the secrets of their trauma and painful experiences. But today, through a curriculum developed and revised specifically for them by our own social worker, Rose Ann Obenque, these girls bravely chose to express their stories, their shame, and ultimately, their triumph.

Rose Ann, MRH Social Worker and Program Supervisor

Join with us, as we help them celebrate Trisha’s renewed hope, in her own words. Trisha is a special case, because she one of the few in our home who is a rape/incest survivor rather than a commericial sexual exploitation survivor, nonetheless, her story is important and deserves to be told! We hope you will honor her by reading it and celebrate with us, just how far Trisha has come.

A special thanks to Rose Ann for writing up their stories, and stay tuned in the coming weeks, to read more of them!


In this empty house, I was raped at knifepoint by my own uncle who raised me as a daughter for almost 9 years because my parents abandoned me.  When my uncle abused me, I had a very hard time accepting what he did to me. Since that time, I felt safer and more secure if I would isolate myself in a house, completely alone. Not even my parents whom I long to see could make me feel safe. I was brought to a shelter for abused young women where everyone was a complete stranger.

After 11 months of staying here, I never realized that I could come this far. My Refuge House (MRH) became my second home- a home that is safe, a home that gives us everything that we need. This is where I feel being loved and taken care of and happy. This is where I realized that finishing my studies is very important, and not only that, I was given a chance to do it!

The Staff at MRH became my family and they helped me change for the better. They are my “Ate’s” (sisters) and they guide me to become a good woman. They are making me strong with their help and advices. Miss Crystal also helped me because she really finds ways to help us even if she’s not our relative. My friends here at MRH make me happy because I can share my problems to them and share with me too.
Lastly, God helped me because without Him, I will not be strong after what happened. I draw comfort and strength from Him and I know that He is going to help me when I am weak. He also guides me and I know he will always be there.

And now, my life has changed a lot. I am now staying at MRH with my new found friends and with the staff who serve as my family. Whenever I am alone and worried, I always have my Bible with me. I have big dreams now and want to finish my studies and become a Social Worker someday. I want to be a Social Worker at MRH so that I could also share my own experiences to those girls like me and teach them how to be strong, just like I was, in spite of everything.

These people that I wrote in the arrow are the people that helped me a lot towards transformation.  The sunrise in my picture represents the lightness that MRH brought to my life when I arrived. MRH helped me see the lighter side of everything, even after all the darkness that I have experienced, I can finally see that there is still light.

Trisha's drawing of her story.


*Name changed to protect the privacy of our survivor