My Refuge House was thrilled to report the completion of Phase One of its building plans. Thanks to generous donations, MRH purchased property in 2010, and in May 2011 opened their first newly constructed building on that property. This new building has allowed MRH to improve their services while maintaining a family style environment and gives us the ability to provide high quality, safe care to 12 survivors of Sex Trafficking and Abuse.

But we can’t stop here. Within four months of opening our doors, the home was completely full. In fact, it was overfull.  Twelve girls are currently living in and being cared for in our home as they recover and heal from their histories of exploitation.  The need is so great, that it only took four months to completely fill our beds.

Our desire is to proceed with Phase Two of our building plans, and increase our capacity from 12 to 45! There are more girls waiting for a safe place to go, and we desperately want to provide a place for them.