Do you know what water does at 211 degrees? Not much….its just very hot. But at 212 degrees water begins to boil! That 1 degree makes all the difference in the world. That 1 degree starts to make steam…..and with steam you could power and entire freight train. One little degree can create movement and change the world.

Sometimes it does not take much for us to change our world, or the world of someone else. What are you going to do in 2012 to change your world? One thing you can do is donate $20 to My Refuge House. $20 goes much farther than you think. At My Refuge House it helps to change the life of a person who may not have any hope or idea there is more out there for them. Education, Love, Joy, Safety, Restoration are a few of the things we can help provide to young people who are captives to an industry they did not choose to be in. $20 to us may only be 1 degree difference in our day, but it can change the life of a person across they world.

Can you be 212 degrees in 2012? If you decide to donate $20 to My Refuge House, we will send you a FREE t-shirt to help you remember the impact you have made. FREE! Each $20 donation will get a FREE t-shirt, and you are helping to change a life. Seems like a lot of return for only 1 degree difference in your life…..Donate today at