A few months ago I shared something one of our girls, Stacy had said about our home. Do you remember the quote? It went something like this:

When I was a child I didn’t feel love from my family. Now that I’m a teenager I can feel their love a little… but it’s not enough. I always needed more, until I arrived here at My Refuge House. This is the only place I ever felt real love. I feel it from the staff and the director and even the people from the US (who make this home possible). I was so thankful to God and to the staff that even if I am bad, they are still willing to teach us, and have love to teach us.

Stacy, one of our beautiful rescued girls, the same girl who wrote “God” in when we asked her for one word that described My Refuge House, who would spend all day drawing if she didn’t have school work to do,  loves to sing and play the guitar more than anything else in the world and often finds a way to encourage someone else when she is feeling sad. Stacy has once again blown us away with her words this week. Check out this beautiful poem below… and remember– this is her second language!

God gave me the wisdom to write this message..


Being happy doesn’t mean you’re perfect

It just means you decided to be happy

I know that we are not perfect but we are real

But in the eyes of God we are perfect and also we are special in his eyes.

I am so different from other people

Because I’m so blessed and also I’m talented.

It doesn’t mean that when you are talented you look down on other people

And when I pray to God I heartily surrender my burdens to God because I know He is the best who can help me…


You were my friend and also you are my father

When the sky is clear I feel so tender and when I heard your voice I feel so lucky and when you said you will be my child and sometimes I doubt myself but I sai you are my father and I have faith in you and I’m willing to be your child.

We are so proud of Stacy! Would you like to encourage her like she encourages us?
Send a note of encouragement to Stacy? Send her an email to [email protected] and we will deliver it!