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They’re Just Children

This blog post was written by Lauren Song, My Refuge House’s Director of Development. For more information about Lauren, check out her bio here. ___________________ Last month, I spent a whirlwind 4 days in the Philippines eating all sorts of exotic food, having my stomach pinched (a sign of endearment in Filipino culture and also […]


Today, I want to brag about one of our girls. Her pseudo-name is Sarah. She was rescued at the age of 15, in 2012, as a strong, angry little girl, posing as an adult, who, even in her frustrated state, showed unmistakable signs of leadership. Sarah was a stranger to stability. Her life up until […]

So Close to Home

“Please go around the room and tell me what you’d like to learn this semester,” I told my students at Biola University on the first day of the semester. “My sister was trafficked when she was 12 years old,” was not what I expected anyone to say. But one of the students in my class […]

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Our New Cottage

It’s finished! Our second little cottage is finished and ready for 6 more girls to move in! Thanks again to Leadership Worth Following for building this little home. Your gift will be utilized in incredible ways… and serve to give many more girls an extraordinary future. Check out the pictures below! Doesn’t it look amazing! […]

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Irving Bible Church Pledged Huge Donation to build in 2015!!

Irving Bible Church, one of our biggest and most faithful partners, has pledged to build our multi-purpose building AND half of our 3rd cottage for My Refuge House in 2015! As a celebration for paying off their debt from their own building, Irving Bible is investing in their partners, and we are so grateful to […]

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Leverage What You Have

By: Kim Jones In October, My Refuge House held its first Fashioned for Freedom Runway Show. All proceeds from this event went to benefit the work we do in the Philippines.  During the months of preparation, as I coordinated the various people and elements for the show in Dallas,  a statement kept running through my […]

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This is What Six Years of Service Looks Like!

Written by: Rachel Jones and Migueliza Felias   On November 15th My Refuge House celebrated six years of service in the Philippines! The visitors were warmly welcomed by the joyful smiles of our girls who volunteered themselves as the usherettes of the guests and partners. Donning colorful sashes, the girls brightened the event tremendously—they are […]