Kim Jones, our Director of Engagement, and her incredible committee are putting together the event of the year for My Refuge House! Fashioned for Freedom will showcase creativity and talent in a way we’ve never done before! But, why a Runway Show you might ask?

Here’s Kim’s Answer…


I recently came across a quote by Madeleine L’Engle: In art, either as creators or participators, we are helped to remember some of the glorious things we have forgotten, and some of the terrible things we were asked to endure…” I believe creativity is something that is essential to this life we all live. I believe it’s an important vehicle by which we process the craziness of this world. It calls us to remember what is possible.


This show is not only a creative expression of shape, color and texture. It’s an expression of people. It’s a perspective on the world through a medium that can communicate a beauty that we all understand.


When I’m reminded of the girls at My Refuge House I’m reminded that creativity is essential to their healing. It’s essential to their restoration. It’s essential to moving through this ugly world and the horrible things that have been done to them.


When the girls first step onto the property of My Refuge House they immediately are drawn to the beauty of the ocean from the top step of their home. They see the beauty and creativity of the other girls. They begin to see the beauty and creativity through their own hands. But most of all they see that God has created something beautiful in them. These girls begin to see new possibilities and new opportunities. They are taught and even reminded that there are beautiful, glorious possibilities for their lives.


A runway show? Of course a runway show. I see beauty and creativity alive.


“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Will you be in Dallas on Thursday, October 9th? Get more info on this event and order tickets by clicking here!