“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”  I love this quote by Jim Rohn. It’s so true. We’ve seen the studies and have even heard from our doctors about the importance of taking care of this body we’ve been given.

We at My Refuge House know very well about the need to care for the body. Our girls receive care that covers the entire person. When their treatment begins it provides holistic care intended to enable our girls to stand on their own again educationally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.


During the month of May we’re launching a campaign to encourage individuals to care for their bodies and care for others. It’s called Movement 4 Freedom. We’re dedicating the month to our girls at My Refuge House. When you run, bike or even dance you can help bring about awareness of the issue of human trafficking. In addition to the awareness you can use that movement to raise funds to continue the efforts of My Refuge House.  It’s super simple; choose an exercise, get supporters, & get moving. You can choose any type of exercise that works well for you. This can be done alone, with a team, or even with your family.

It’s super simple!

Choose an exercise, Get supporters, & Get moving.


We hope you’ll consider this as a fun way to get involved. In addition to the fun, you will be helping My Refuge House.  If you can move, you can move for others. Consider joining the Movement….”Restoring One Life At A Time.Movement4Freedom.com