When we began our Connecting Through Storytelling series, we could only imagine how deep and wide the stories would go. Please keep them coming! They are inspiring. They prove that our stories are indeed all woven together in the great tapestry of humanity and faith. Below you will find a reflection by Lorinda Roy, another in our community of stakeholders whose life was forever changed after getting to know the girls of My Refuge House. It seems only fitting to share the Linda’s story of her educational inspiration on the day we launch our BACK TO SCHOOL: RESTORING FREEDOM campaign.

Lorinda, thank you for being a part of our journey and for letting us be a part of yours, too.

Heather and My Refuge House,

Lorinda in PH

Lorinda returned to the Philippines recently (this time to Manila). She provided a training for some of the teachers on how to facilitate learning through play and setting up the environment to do so.

I am writing this letter to share with you how God has used MRH to be a catalyst for me to address the issue of the commercial sex industry and how to provide care for these individuals who have been affected by it. In March of 2011 I was introduced to my MRH through IJM in Cebu.  They connected me and my friends up with Crystal Sprague. She invited us out to the MRH property and allowed us to pray over it as the first home was being built.  Later in the summer, I was able to go back and connect up with MRH as I did an Internship with the Cebu House of Prayer. I was able to design my own internship.  I called it a prayer justice internship because I believe prayer must give birth into action.  MRH allowed me to do devotions with the staff in the city office and out at the home 3 times a week.  It was such a wonderful experience to see how God’s presence would come as I met with the staff. Each time I came I would talk about another name for God in Hebrew and how it displayed His character of goodness.  What a wonderful staff I was able to meet.

Play-based learning in action!

Play-based learning in action!

Since that time I have continued to learn and grow in topics that are related to addressing some of the challenges of those moving forward.  Right now my focus is on going to school to become a child therapist to help council children who have experienced trauma.  In addition, I am taking classes on learning non-profit management.

I want to thank you MRH for being a light in the darkness and a safe home for these beautiful women.

One last story.  I had received a Christmas card from MRH two years ago that struck my heart.  It was one of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen-of water and lights floating.  Then it had a short thank you testimony from one of the girls.  It was so powerful I fell to my knees beside my bed and I cried.  How can we deny a voice like that?  A voice that has anew life and hope.  it is proof that change is possible and healing is real.

Thank you for doing what you do.  it is unforgettable.

Lorinda Roy

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