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Nanner’s Runners –By Nannette Ricaforte

Today’s post comes from our dear friend and catalyst, Nannette Ricaforte. Nannette has been an integral part of My Refuge House from the time it was a dream, until now, and continues to offer her time and resources (she’s an incredible photographer!) just about anytime we need her. Check out her photos here:  http://www.nannettericaforte.com/ ————– […]

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That One Time I Ran for Her Life

Remember the blog Julianna wrote a couple weeks ago: The Girl Who Doesn’t Run is Running for Her Life? Well, here is the follow up– after the race. And we are excited to report that with Julianna and the other runners– the final count of money raised for restoration was almost $7000.00! Thanks for running […]

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The Girl Who Doesn’t Run is Running for Her Life.

I DON’T RUN. Unless there’s a clown chasing me. With a knife. But even then, it’s questionable. I’m the girl that reposts humorous e-cards on Pinterest that say things like, “I just ran my first marathon this morning! Just kidding, I’m on my third cupcake.” That’s me. I’m that girl. So why, oh why, would […]

Eye Contact and Other Dilemmas

In 2013 I made about a dozen New Year’s Resolutions. Like most Americans, by February I was actively achieving 0% of them. So to kick off 2014, I changed my tactic and I only made one resolution. Instead of focusing on a list of things that would make me look or feel outwardly different or […]

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Photo Blog of Completed Cottage (and Construction!)

At the end of August 2013, we started construction on a new cottage! This cottage, is completed and will become home to six more girls who will be rescued from sex trafficking and exploitation in March 2014! For those of you who missed our updates– here are the construction photos of the cottage, and the […]

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Paths of Least Resistance

People often ask me, “How do those kids get trafficked anyway?” and I typically say something cryptic like “Well, there are various common scenarios.” Unfortunately, that answer does little to explain the realities of how trafficking happens. But I find often find myself resistant to creating stereotypes by explaining a common path, so I give […]

Finished Cottage

It’s finished! It’s unfurnished, but it’s beautiful. Check out the pictures of our new home– and the girls we have now enjoying the solitude that it provides. We will be furnishing, decorating, and hiring new staff to open up the home in the new year, but we are so excited about the house, we couldn’t […]

Christmas Pictures!

New Years Eve is here! But before the new year comes, take a look at this wonderful photos of our 12 happy girls celebrating Christmas. Our greatest gift this Christmas– seeing 12 girls who have been through terrible tragedies, have the chance the laugh and act like children again. Thank you to everyone who has […]