Our third “Healing Story” was written by Lacy. I’ve had the privilege of watching Lacy grow in some incredible ways she she first arrived at our door.  But one thing has never changed: from the minute she arrived she has always felt more safe in our home, than any other place she has ever lived.

Lacy, reading scripture to some guests at our house.

Read her story, in her own words here:

This person that I drew here represents those customers that gave money just for sex. This is the house where I used to work and met many men who just wanted sex. These men took me to different hotels and after I gave them what they want from me, they gave money.

The other house has a note on it that says “gubot nga pamilya” (broken family) because that is the kind of family that I have. I don’t really know what it’s like to be loved by my family and my siblings are always fighting with each other. This is the reason why it was so easy for me to believe the job offer I received was a good offer, I was so anxious to escape from our poverty.

But now, with the help of MRH staff who are always there to help me and give me advices, I learned a lot about life. They are like family and sisters to me. They showed me the kind of love that I’ve been looking for since I was a child- a love that my family did not ever show to me.

Without MRH sponsors, we will not have the things that we need like our supplies especially for our education. Because of them, there are lots of girls like me that have changed their lives. I am amazed to say I am happy with my life now.

I am staying at My Refuge House where I first learned to know more about God that is why I put a cross on top of my picture. They are my true family and we are like a happy family. Because of this place, I learned how to open and read a bible. I am also studying now because I want to finish my studies and become a Social Worker, too.

Before, I am holding cigarettes, different drugs, alcohol and money from customers but now, Bible and books are in my hands. Before, I worried about making my customers and my boss happy but now, I am only interested in making God happy.

Lacy’s drawing depicting her own “Healing Story”

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    Rmandalupe says:


    I haven’t read yet the other stories indicated herein, but I’m glad to read this one. Indeed, The Lord Jesus Christ is the Only Way to true healing and restoration. Keep on with this fruitful service.

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