A couple of weeks ago, the First Chinese Baptist Church Youth and Children’s Choirs preformed an incredible show.

The Saturday afternoon started with  the high school youth choir preforming … voices blended together in amazing harmony. Then a number of the youth played instrument solos: violin and piano and guitar and saxophone. It was mesmerizing.

Fittingly, Amazing Grace was played right before I took the stage, and I had the privilege to stand in front of the youth and parents and thank them dearly for their gifts, grace materialized. Their gifts of talent which they had obviously worked for hours to perfect, and their gifts of money– in the end the event raised $2364.00!

But perhaps most importantly, the girls in our home find it astounding that people so far away from their little home in the Philippines, truly care about them and what they have been through. Many of them have felt rejection by family and neighbors and peers because of the abuse they have endured.

So, I get to tell the girls at My Refuge House about the teenagers, who are the same ages as them, living on the other side of the world who heard about their stories and care about them. And because they care, the teens in Los Angeles practiced for months and raised donations so that these brave girls, these survivors, could continue to receive care and restoration.

One more example of how desperately they are loved. And as we all know, it’s love that changes lives and fuels hope. So thank you, FCBC, for the gift of love you have given.

What will you do for someone else’s freedom?