On the day of her court hearing, Hope* has shown courage and bravery while sitting at the witness stand.

Judge: “Why are you not calling your mother “Mama”?

Hope: “Because she’s not worth it. How could a mother sell her own daughter?”.

And there was total silence inside the court room.

Hope has just started her battle against her own mother (and stepfather). Please keep her in your prayers and write a comment to encourage her in her fight for justice in her own life. She is worth the fight!

For more of Hope’s story check out this blog post from last month.

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  1. Carin
    Carin says:

    I’m so sorry, Hope, that you have had to go through some of the things you have experienced. The bad things that have happened to you are not your fault. The adults in your life did not care for you in the ways that they should have. I will be praying for you as you stand up for yourself and grow and heal. May God bless you with strength to move beyond the hurtful events. May He protect you, take away your fears, and bless you with peace.

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