Hello there! My name is Kristi and I am an intern with My Refuge House in Southern California, so you’ll be hearing from me from time to time!

I first discovered my passion for human trafficking awareness during my 3 years in overseas missions with YWAM. My last trip with them was to Cape Town, South Africa, where I worked with a ministry that aided in the prevention, awareness and aftercare of victims of sex trafficking. Since then, I have had a desire to work with raising awareness for this injustice and seeing it come to an end.

I wanted to share this video, entitled The Candy Shop, because I think it does a great job depicting how deceiving sex trafficking can seem and how it preys on the vulnerable. While it can be easy to remove ourselves from the pain those imprisoned in trafficking endure, this video captures the trickery, suffering, and consequences involved in trafficking for everyone involved.

What I love even more is how the video shows the power that just one person can make. All it took to see the system reverse was one person, who was seemingly powerless, to use their voice to create an awareness of what was happening. While this may be easier said than done, I believe it is important to examine our everyday interactions and the impact they can have. Whether it is a conversation with a friend in a coffee shop or checking where our goods are sourced from, awareness can be raised and lives can be changed.

If you’re pressed for time, the 2 minute trailer does an excellent job summing up the video. If you have a spare half hour, I urge you to watch the entire short film.

For the full video, click here: https://vimeo.com/20833462

Until next time, Kristi