January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. But what good does it actually do to raise awareness? How does educating and rallying people about trafficking actually affect victims? January 1st 1863 is the date that Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation into effect. Does anyone know how many slaves were actually freed when Abraham Lincoln declared […]

Christmas. The word can bring up so many emotions, so many memories. For some, there are non-negotiables. Turkey. Eggnog. Cheesy potatoes. Family. Friends. New Pajamas. Evergreens covered in twinkling lights. Snow. For some, Christmas is the one time of year all the family is in one place (whether they want to be or not). Mixed […]

A letter from Cass Bensberg, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of My Refuge House December 2012 As we enter this season where we have just celebrated our thankfulness to God for His provision and will shortly commemorate our Savior’s birth, I want to share with you the story of one of our girls […]

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being in the studio audience of CNN’s annual Heroes show. There is something inspiring and humbling about attending a production that’s sole purpose is to honor and recognize heroic individuals all around the world. One of the things that struck me the most profoundly, was that most of the people who were being […]

In this line of work, brokenness is a concept we are very familiar with. Broken lives, broken families, girls who have been used and taken advantage of and kicked to the curb; boys too, more and more commonly.  Trafficking at it’s core, is a study of brokenness. Men and women, most of whom were abused […]

Hello devoted readers!  I am honored to make an appearance on the My Refuge House blog and must first extend my apologies for 7 months of relative silence.  In lieu of writing a 20-pager on the numerous events of this past 7 months, I will try to do what we do at our weekly staff […]

Today, I visited My Refuge House for the first time in over 5 months. I have to say, it’s surreal and amazing to come back to this house. As many of you know, I directed our home in the Philippines for over 2 years, before moving to the US to work with My Refuge House […]

ONEHOPE wine has agreed to sponsor a campaign for My Refuge House! For the next four weeks, if you order a bottle of wine from ONEHOPE, and choose “My Refuge House” as your charity of choice, we will directly receive 10% of the profits for that bottle. AND if you use this LINK, we will receive […]

What are your most poignant memories from childhood? For many of us, memories of helping our mothers cook hold a particular place in our hearts. The smell of wonderful things that you will soon get to taste, helping to measure ingredients or stir the contents of the bowl, sinking up to your elbows in bubbles to wash […]

Our third “Healing Story” was written by Lacy. I’ve had the privilege of watching Lacy grow in some incredible ways she she first arrived at our door.  But one thing has never changed: from the minute she arrived she has always felt more safe in our home, than any other place she has ever lived. Read her […]