I am often asked some variant of this question: “How can we stop trafficking, once and for all?” There are many different approaches you can take to this question, and many different answers that are (at least partially) correct. Some people will say that you need stricter laws so that traffickers will be more fearful […]

Since we opened the first building on our property, our home has often been filled beyond the capacity for which it was built. It was built to hold 12 girls, but there have been times when 15 girls have been living together under this roof. Thankfully, we have blueprints already in place to continue construction […]

My Refuge House is pleased to partner with many great organizations in Cebu and around the world. One organization in Cebu that we are especially thankful for is Red Window Project. Red Window Project offers a unique “Job Readiness Program” (JRT) to partner organizations who work with vulnerable and disadvantaged students who have been through […]

On August 10th and 11th, My Refuge House had the privilege of attending and participating in the 2012 Global Human Trafficking Conference. This event, hosted and coordinated by our incredible partner Slavery No More featured speakers and panelists from a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, but all are courageously joining together to fight Human […]

I guest-blogged three times for the “The Marcella Project” in the past couple of weeks. It was a great honor to be featured by Jackie Roese and her incredible ministry. You can read all three of them at : http://www.themarcellaproject.com/blog . But I thought I should share this one with all of you, because I […]

God says, all throughout scripture, that He fights for justice. Vengeance is mine He says. Trust in me and fight hard He says. Somehow, even though I know it’s going to be a hard fight, I’m still not always prepared for just how hard the battle is. I assume, if God will fight for us, […]

We are excited to welcome Nicole LeBlanc as the new Program Director of My Refuge House, Philippines. Crystal Sprague has been promoted to Executive Director of My Refuge House and been relocated to the U.S. Nicole has taken on the incredible responsibility of directing our counseling, prevention and residential programs in Cebu, Philippines. We asked […]

  There are a number of consistent factors that the girls in our home share in common. These factors often make the girls more susceptible to being trafficked or exploited. We call the factors “vulnerabilities.” One of these vulnerabilities is the presence of abuse prior to being trafficked. Histories of sexual abuse and physical abuse are extremely common […]

Within each of us there lies a story. Our story defines who we are and what we have become. Our stories carry pain and comfort, tears and laughter, sorrow and happiness, sacrifices and victory. The girls in our home have been wronged and taken advantage of in their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Each of them has […]